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This is a self-paced e-learning course valid for 6 months. The Board Suited online course will teach you how different types of boards are structured, operate, and govern. The course includes learning modules with insights from existing board members, exercises and practical learning. Once you register, you will receive an email with further instructions to access the course.

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Detailed Course Outline:


  • Introduction and Overview
    • Founder & CEO Welcome Message
    • Course Overview
    • What You Will Learn
    • Conclusion
  • Boardroom 101: Types of Boards
    • Overview of Types of Boards
    • Four Types of Boards
    • Non-Profit Boards
    • Non-Profit Board Service
    • University Board Service
    • Advisory Boards
    • Private Boards
    • Private Boards: Startups
    • Public vs. Private Boards
    • Different Types of Board
    • Non-Profit vs. For-Profit Boards
  • Boardroom 101: Board Structure
    • Overview of Board Structure
    • Board Governance
    • Why Do You Need Good Governance?
    • The Role of the Board
    • Board Governance vs Corporate Governance
    • The Board Charter
    • What is a Board Charter?
    • Why Is the Board Charter Important?
    • Board Composition
  • Boardroom 101: Legal Responsibilities
    • Overview of Legal and Regulatory Responsibilities
    • Legal Responsibilities and Protections
    • Director Duties
    • Duty of Care
    • Duty of Loyalty
    • Duty of Independence
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Director Protections
  • Board Responsibilities Part 1
    • Overview of Board Responsibilities
    • A Closer Look: Strategy
    • A Closer Look: CEO Selection
    • A Closer Look: CEO Succession Planning
    • A Closer Look: Talent Management
  • Board Responsibilities Part 2
    • Overview of Board Fiduciary Responsibilities
    • Fiduciary Responsibilities Overview
    • Financial Governance and Long-Term Value
    • Financial Statements
    • Other Financial Reporting
    • Operational Performance Reports
    • Internal Board Management
    • Overview of Board Committees
    • Expert Insight – Audit, Compensation, Nominating & Governance committees
    • What It’s Like to Chair a Committee
    • Board Committee Charters
    • Board Calendar
  • Getting on a Board
    • Overview of Your Path to a Board Seat
    • Perspective on the Number of Available Board Seats
    • Typical Paths to the Boardroom
    • Typical Career Paths to the Boardroom
    • Expert Insights
    • What Boards Look for in a Corporate Director
    • Character and Reputation Matter
    • A Closer Look: Social Media Presence
    • A Closer Look: The Power of Networking
    • Developing Your Personal Value Proposition
    • Developing Your Board CV
  • Board Inner Workings
    • Corporate Boards Are About the Business
    • Board Culture and How Work Gets Done
    • Board Etiquette and Communication Styles
    • How Boards Interact with the CEO and Staff
    • Board Member Compensation
  • Summary and Next Steps
    • Course Summary
    • Current Board Members Describe Their Personal Journey to the Boardroom




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